“CNH’s philosophy is about Delivering Success through Unity and Harmony. To attain success, we must first solve the people’s problems. Then the team is free of woes to pursue great success and development.”

– CNH Managing Director, Edmund Tan 陈德财


Managing Director and Founder

With an enviable wealth of experience in Commercial, both local and overseas Residential property investment, Edmund has been an industry leader backed by more than 10 years of experience and training. He has earned his solid reputation by offering clients sound knowledge, great insights and dedicated service. Over the course of his real estate career, he has also achieved many recognitions and awards. His track record and success speaks for itself.

Having worked in the tourism industry for a decade, Edmund got inspired from his invaluable experience and came up with the idea of combining tourism and real estate together to further expand the business. He seizes every opportunity and constantly keeps himself updated with the current market flow, training and delivering qualified expertise in the real estate market, serving Malaysia and the South-East Asia region.

Edmund 陈德财在商界和国内外房产投资拥有超过10年经验,并为客户提供具建设性意见及独特见解,建立起当下名声。在房地产界打滚多年,Edmund荣获无数奖项和认同,他过往业绩和成功史都不言而明。

Edmund 陈德财曾在旅游界发展并拥有超过10年经验,并受这些宝贵工作经验启发,于是突发奇想将旅游和房产业相结合,打造出今日的商业王国。他把握每个机会,并不断自我提升,让自己紧贴时事脉搏,以便为本地和东南亚房产市场培育更多专业人才。

CNH Team

Keith Ngai

Director CNH Academy

Vincent Chew

Training Coach CNH Academy